Apple confirms its slowing down old iPhones – here's why

Matti Vähäkainu
21 Dec 2017 14:39

Apple has been super effective at selling a new iPhone for existing customers for years. A yearly, or perhaps more commonly biyearly, cycle of buying a new iPhone has been very beneficial for Apple, but some have suggested that there's some foul play how Apple treats older devices.
Now it has been revealed that Apple is slowing down older iPhones as it releases a new model, or models. That would obviously incentivize people to invest in the new, much speedier device.

Previously these types of allegations have been met with denial from Apple, or even no response at all. This time around, though, Apple has had to confirm what has been rumored for years, TechCrunch reported.
According to Apple, they added a performance limiter to iPhones a year ago. That doesn't sound good at all, but Apple says that there's a good reason for it.

Apple's reasoning is that it wants to ensure optimal user experience in certain situations and circumstances. This means that when the battery gets older it is not anymore able provide the system with high enough voltage. Thus especially cold climate and sudden performance hogging could prove difficult for older iPhones.

So Apple is essentially saying that you either have to limit the clock speed or risk sudden crashes. That's why it implemented the performance limiter in iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone SE. It has been since expanded to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2.

Reddit thread explains that to avoid the slowing down you can install a new battery by replacing it yourself (costs only ~$20) or taking it to Apple Store where they replace it for $79.

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