Return of the legend: The Commodore 64 Mini arrives in March

Petteri Pyyny
31 Jan 2018 12:03

The past two years have been good for retro gamers. First, we got NES Classic Edition from Nintendo back in 2016. In 2017, arrived SNES Classic. And now, probably the biggest legend of them all, Commodore 64 is making a return.
USC-powered mini computer, dubbed as The C64 Mini, will be available in March, 2018 with suggested retail price of 79,90 € in Europe, appx. $70 in United States.

The retro gaming kit will include a miniature version of Commodore 64 chassis (unfortunately the keyboard is just for the authentic look and is not functional), a USB joystick (for those too young to remember, joystick is a gaming controller with one stick and two buttons..) and pre-installed 64 licensed games.
Device has HDMI output that sends out 720p video in correct 4:3 aspect ratio, two USB ports for joysticks or a USB keyboard and internal storage for saved game states and game records.

List of games that ship with the device:

The C64 Mini emulates original Commodore 64 completely, so plugging in a USB keyboard will allow the user to start writing BASIC commands, just like the original did.

The C64 Mini starts shipping worldwide on 29th of March, 2018 and it should be available from most electronics stores worldwide.

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