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Version history for Tribler for Mac

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Changes for v6.2.0 - v6.3.1

  • A year of bug fixing, polishing and performance tweaking
  • towards anonymous streaming
  • Tor-like anonymous tunnel building, based on UDP
  • Support for Cell,Create,Extend, and Ping Tor protocol messages
  • Diffie-Hellman session key exchange
  • Real-time crawler for bandwidth performance (inspired by
  • decentralised directory service for Tor-like routers
  • automatic anonymous 50MByte test download using new Tor-like protocol
  • no general anonymous downloads yet, trial-only
  • thumbnail navigation
  • single-click streaming from main screen
  • channels can now optionally be browsed by thumbnails
  • Youtube-like GUI composed of user-generated images
  • Prepares the way for remote control navigation & operation
  • complete rewrite of the elastic database engine (the dispersy overlay)
  • use of Twisted frameworks instead of our custom event-handlers
  • less reliance on master bootstrap servers (new discovery community)
  • improvements in NAT puncturing efficiency
  • faster data synchronisation between Tribler peers
  • dropped support for Mac models from 2008, due to Python support issues

Changes for v6.2.0 RC - v6.2.0

  • Video on demand is back! No more waiting for video downloads! Also, we have seeking now.
  • Less disk and CPU consumption
  • UI improvements
  • Fixes for the bugs found in 6.1 and reported by the community during the 6.2 RCs (Thanks!)

Changes for v5.5.19 - v5.5.20

  • FIXED: Include subdirectories while creating a torrent
  • FIXED: UDP port would not change
  • Improved: IO-error logging, hopefully allowing us to debug random glitches
  • Changed: protocol behavior in channels is slightly modified in order to prevent some rare bugs to occur.

Changes for v5.5.18 - v5.5.19

  • Include subdirectories while creating a torrent
  • Setting reqq in extended handshake, seems to improve upload performance
  • Tribler forgetting about custom directories
  • Tribler not closing, we've added more explicit shutdown statements
  • What's hot resuming update when selecting a term
  • Some gui stuff, playlists without content where trying to convince people to add torrents while sometimes they actually could not

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