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Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 19 Sep 2001 7:06

Ok, we've tried to avoid this situation, but now we just have to do it. Beg.
WTF? Ok, as you know, we have run this site since early 1999 and we have managed to stay online despite the advertising drop in fall 2000. None of us works for this site and we don't receive any kind of income from either.

It costs $7,000 a year just to host this website. In last two and a half years, you guys have downloaded over 3 terabytes (yeah, 3 times 1,024 gigabytes) from our site, excluding pages and graphics -- over 1 million software downloads, over 200,000 skin downloads, etc... And at the moment, we generate appx. half of that sum annually -> we lose $10 from our own pockets every f%&&ing day.

Ok, so what can you do?

There are really four simple things what you can do:

- donate money for us. We've set up a Paypal account for this purpose. You can see the link in top-left corner of each page -- you can also access to the payment page by clicking here. Please donate more than $5, because Paypal charges us for each transaction.

-Buy stuff from Amazon. Click the DVD covers you see in left navigation bar in order to access to -- every purchase you make this way, gives us few cents.

-Link to us and promote our site. Promote our site to your friends, in newsgroups, in discussion boards, etc. Just don't spam. If you have your own website, link to us. It doesn't matter if your site is focused on women's underwear or whatever, just link to us.

-Visit our site more often :-)

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