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WinAMP 3 beta 1 love released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 10 Oct 2001 1:14

Monthly release from Nullsoft is here :-) Finally they have achieved a "beta level" with WinAMP 3 releasing WinAMP3 beta 1 love. Software has huge pile of new features, bugfixes and improvements, here's the list:
mostly finalized all interfaces so developers can get busy
config file in sexy XML now
crossfader switchable again
crossfade on next/previous works
playlist editor: faster, better, more stable
playlist editor: shuffle on next now default behavior
playlist editor: sorting by specific criteria, more general sorting to come later
playlist editor: .pls loading
playlist editor: no more "working playlist", now whatever playlist is showing is the playlist being edited, always
playlist editor: prioritizes ID3 reading for items you're looking at
playlist editor: sexy skinned drop indicator
playlist editor: playlist saving works again
playlist editor: url selector remembers recent entries
skinning: groups work better
skinning: many components now scalable (not working 100% yet)
skinning: skins start out centered on screen on first load
skinning: gamma groups! tintastic!
memory usage reduced
finally, some better buttons than the ones I made in MS Paint on my laptop with a touchpad
many many bugfixes, including the NT4 startup crash
even better SDK
lots more

And also, they finally released a first WinAMP for Linux version alpha 1. You can download both from

WinAMP3 beta 1 love
WinAMP for Linux alpha 1

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