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Free Hide IP v4.1.8.6

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Enjoy The Best Free Privacy Protection Software. All with a single click of a button without any configuration, you can use Free Hide IP to anonymize your web surfing, send anonymous emails through any web based mail system, get unbanned from restricted forums or other websites, keeping your computer safe from hacker attacks, etc. Your identity is secure, protected, and anonymized.

The Choose IP Country option enables you to select one country at your wish from the country list and then you are assigned fake IP addresses from the designated country.

Free Hide IP works with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Maxthon, MyIE and is compatible with all types of routers, firewalls, home networks, wireless networks and any other kind of Internet.


Free Hide IP v3.7.3.8 Free Hide IP v3.7.3.8

free hide ip ip-address security www surf

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 10 Sep 2017
Downloads 263,962
File size 2.24 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

10 Sep 2017Free Hide IP v4.2.0.6(Latest stable version)
17 Aug 2017Free Hide IP v4.2.0.2
07 Aug 2017Free Hide IP v4.1.9.8
13 Jul 2017Free Hide IP v4.1.9.6
29 Jun 2017Free Hide IP v4.1.9.2
09 Jun 2017Free Hide IP v4.1.8.8
19 May 2017Free Hide IP v4.1.8.6
27 Apr 2017Free Hide IP v4.1.8.2
28 Mar 2017Free Hide IP v4.1.7.6
10 Mar 2017Free Hide IP v4.1.7.2
17 Feb 2017Free Hide IP v4.1.6.8
21 Jan 2017Free Hide IP v4.1.6.6
08 Jan 2017Free Hide IP v4.1.6.2
17 Dec 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.5.8
27 Nov 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.5.6
06 Nov 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.5.2
16 Oct 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.4.8
10 Sep 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.4.6
10 Aug 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.4.2
20 Jul 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.3.8
24 Jun 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.3.6
13 Jun 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.3.2
12 May 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.2.6
24 Apr 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.2.2
07 Apr 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.1.8
30 Mar 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.1.6
23 Feb 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.0.8
30 Jan 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.0.6
14 Jan 2016Free Hide IP v4.1.0.2
05 Jan 2016Free Hide IP v4.0.9.8
28 Nov 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.9.2
12 Nov 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.8.8
28 Oct 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.8.6
30 Sep 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.7.8
11 Sep 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.7.6
27 Aug 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.7.2
18 Aug 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.6.8
30 Jul 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.6.6
19 Jul 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.6.2
20 Jun 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.5.6
29 May 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.5.2
12 May 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.4.8
28 Apr 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.4.6
14 Apr 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.4.2
30 Mar 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.3.8
11 Mar 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.3.6
15 Feb 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.3.2
09 Feb 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.2.8
27 Jan 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.2.6
12 Jan 2015Free Hide IP v4.0.2.2
26 Dec 2014Free Hide IP v4.0.1.8
27 Aug 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.9.2
18 Aug 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.8.8
25 Jul 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.8.6
22 Jul 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.8.2
20 May 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.6.8
24 Apr 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.6.6
09 Apr 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.6.2
25 Mar 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.5.8
12 Mar 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.5.6
24 Feb 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.5.2
06 Feb 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.4.8
22 Jan 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.4.6
07 Jan 2014Free Hide IP v3.9.4.2
26 Dec 2013Free Hide IP v3.9.3.8
06 Dec 2013Free Hide IP v3.9.3.6
21 Nov 2013Free Hide IP v3.9.3.2
22 Oct 2013Free Hide IP v3.9.2.6
07 Oct 2013Free Hide IP v3.9.2.2
22 Sep 2013Free Hide IP v3.9.1.8
05 Sep 2013Free Hide IP v3.9.1.6
21 Aug 2013Free Hide IP v3.9.1.2
06 Aug 2013Free Hide IP v3.9.0.8
04 Aug 2013Free Hide IP v3.9.0.6
09 May 2013Free Hide IP v3.8.8.8
06 May 2013Free Hide IP v3.8.8.2
20 Apr 2013Free Hide IP v3.8.7.8
06 Apr 2013Free Hide IP v3.8.7.6
22 Mar 2013Free Hide IP v3.8.7.2
05 Mar 2013Free Hide IP v3.8.6.8
08 Feb 2013Free Hide IP v3.8.6.6
01 Feb 2013Free Hide IP v3.8.5.6
18 Jan 2013Free Hide IP v3.8.5.2
04 Jan 2013Free Hide IP v3.8.4.8
20 Dec 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.4.6
05 Dec 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.4.2
18 Nov 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.3.8
12 Nov 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.3.6
22 Oct 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.3.2
02 Oct 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.2.8
18 Sep 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.2.6
31 Aug 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.2.2
25 Aug 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.1.8
31 Jul 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.1.6
19 Jul 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.1.2
15 Jun 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.0.6
07 Jun 2012Free Hide IP v3.8.0.2
20 May 2012Free Hide IP v3.7.9.8
02 May 2012Free Hide IP v3.7.9.6
16 Apr 2012Free Hide IP v3.7.9.2
21 Mar 2012Free Hide IP v3.7.8.8
15 Mar 2012Free Hide IP v3.7.8.6
05 Mar 2012Free Hide IP v3.7.8.2
14 Feb 2012Free Hide IP v3.7.7.8
30 Jan 2012Free Hide IP v3.7.7.6
13 Jan 2012Free Hide IP v3.7.7.2
29 Dec 2011Free Hide IP v3.7.6.8
15 Dec 2011Free Hide IP v3.7.6.6
05 Dec 2011Free Hide IP v3.7.6.2
10 Nov 2011Free Hide IP v3.7.5.6
01 Nov 2011Free Hide IP v3.7.4.8
14 Oct 2011Free Hide IP v3.7.4.6
03 Oct 2011Free Hide IP v3.7.4.2
16 Sep 2011Free Hide IP v3.7.3.8
05 Sep 2011Free Hide IP v3.7.3.6
31 Aug 2011Free Hide IP v3.7.3.2
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Unverified new user
Free Hide IP v4.2.0.6


20 Sep 2017
Free Hide IP v4.2.0.6

Beware Contains Malware

Unverified new user
Free Hide IP v4.1.8.2

nice 1

29 Apr 2017
Unverified new user
Free Hide IP v4.1.8.2

I used to use this software on my laptop without issue. Recently, I ran into a scenario in which I needed to mask my IP in order to watch an MMA video so I decided to download this program again. However, this time, the file is coming up as "dirty." Both my virus & malware detectors are catching it.

Im not sure what you did, or what kind of malicious intent you may have - but I most definitely wont be using your software anymore. What a shame.

27 Apr 2017
Unverified new user
Free Hide IP v4.0.6.6

Flagged as Malware.

03 Aug 2015