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Defragmentation is a process where data on computer hard drive is reorganized in order to speed up the HDD performance.

When files are stored to a hard drive, they aren't usually stored as a one "lump" to a particular place in a HDD, but instead, the file is split into several small chunks across the HDD. The file system then keeps record where each piece for the particular file is stored and seeks them from HDD when the file is accessed. But this seeking takes much more time that what it would take if the file would be stored in a continuous block. This is where defragmentation process comes into picture. Defragmentation process basically moves the small chunks that make up one file, into one block and therefor speeds up the HDD performance -- sometimes very significantly.

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Quick Defrag v1.0

Quick Defrag is a freeware, lightweight Disk Defragmenting tool that could speed up file, OS and application operations in Windows (if using a traditional HDD).

Date updated:03/05/2014 Downloads:149 Filesize:960 kB
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Remo Drive Defrag v1.0

Remo Drive Defrag is an efficient Disk Degfragmenting utility.

Date updated:10/01/2014 Downloads:138 Filesize:9.42 MB
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JetDrive v7.0

JetDrive is an advanced disk defragmentation utility that attempts to improve performance.

Date updated:02/06/2015 Downloads:118 Filesize:30.13 MB
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Power Defragmenter v3.1

Power Defragmenter provides a GUI for the Microsoft/Sysinternals Contig core defragmenting tool.

Date updated:11/26/2018 Downloads:96 Filesize:407.34 kB
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O&O SpeedCheck v2.0.45.0

O&O SpeedCheck simulates your Windows system in a fragmented and defragmented state.

Date updated:12/15/2015 Downloads:73 Filesize:2.88 MB
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Disk Defrag v1.0.1

Disk Defrag optimizes Windows Disk Defragmenter by running it under optimal conditions.

Date updated:12/01/2016 Downloads:56 Filesize:722.35 kB
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Max Disk Defrag v1.0.0.001

Max Disk Defrag is a disk defragmentation and optimization utility.

Date updated:06/22/2017 Downloads:49 Filesize:2.99 MB
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