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NTLite v1.1.0.4210

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
NTLite can modify a Windows installation image, or even an installed Windows operating system, removing components, features and adding drivers, applications etc.

Imagine creating a Windows setup image that already has all of your necessary drivers for your hardware, many of the applications you would have installed afterward, all of the settings you want etc. You can even create an unattended installation image that will run from start to finish without bothering you at all.

What makes NTLite better than the alternatives however is it makes it easy to actually tweak and change the operating system after it has been installed already.

NOTE: This NTLite version is for 32-bit Windows only. For 64-bit Windows, get NTLite x64 instead.


NTLite v1.0 build 2753

Other editions:

ntlite edit windows image drivers modify tweak

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 06 Aug 2020
Downloads 2,190
File size 6.84 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

06 Aug 2020NTLite v2.0.0.7596(Latest stable version)
31 Jul 2020NTLite v2.0.0.7580
29 Apr 2020NTLite v1.9.0.7455
26 Feb 2020NTLite v1.9.0.7330
02 Feb 2020NTLite v1.9.0.7290
20 Dec 2019NTLite v1.8.0.7261
18 Sep 2019NTLite v1.8.0.7137
25 Aug 2019NTLite v1.8.0.7095
08 Aug 2019NTLite v1.8.0.7080
11 Jun 2019NTLite v1.8.0.6962
06 May 2019NTLite v1.7.6.6912
10 Apr 2019NTLite v1.7.5.6842
20 Mar 2019NTLite v1.7.4.6790
12 Mar 2019NTLite v1.7.3.6761
06 Feb 2019NTLite v1.7.2.6717
02 Feb 2019NTLite v1.7.2.6703
19 Jan 2019NTLite v1.7.2.6680
13 Dec 2018NTLite v1.7.2.6650
08 Dec 2018NTLite v1.7.1.6630
01 Dec 2018NTLite v1.7.1.6627
29 Nov 2018NTLite v1.7.1.6623
16 Nov 2018NTLite v1.7.1.6593
28 Oct 2018NTLite v1.7.1.6572
12 Oct 2018NTLite v1.7.0.6545
19 Sep 2018NTLite v1.7.0.6510
16 Sep 2018NTLite v1.7.0.6500
16 Aug 2018NTLite v1.6.3.6440
07 Aug 2018NTLite v1.6.3.6400
25 Jul 2018NTLite v1.6.3.6373
23 Jun 2018NTLite v1.6.3.6240
09 Jun 2018NTLite v1.6.2.6220
20 May 2018NTLite v1.6.1.6190
04 May 2018NTLite v1.6.0.6174
28 Mar 2018NTLite v1.5.0.6105
18 Mar 2018NTLite v1.5.0.6080
18 Feb 2018NTLite v1.5.0.6025
29 Jan 2018NTLite v1.5.0.5955
24 Jan 2018NTLite v1.5.0.5950
20 Jan 2018NTLite v1.5.0.5930
25 Dec 2017NTLite v1.5.0.5855
23 Dec 2017NTLite v1.5.0.5840
16 Nov 2017NTLite v1.4.1.5741
02 Nov 2017NTLite v1.4.1.5675
15 Oct 2017NTLite v1.4.1.5632
04 Oct 2017NTLite v1.4.1.5625
20 Sep 2017NTLite v1.4.1.5590
14 Sep 2017NTLite v1.4.1.5565
29 Aug 2017NTLite v1.4.0.5537
09 Aug 2017NTLite v1.4.0.5500 Beta
27 May 2017NTLite v1.3.1.5060
29 Apr 2017NTLite v1.3.0.5024
26 Apr 2017NTLite v1.3.0.5020
14 Apr 2017NTLite v1.2.2.4984
31 Mar 2017NTLite v1.2.1.4944
08 Mar 2017NTLite v1.2.1.4916
28 Feb 2017NTLite v1.2.0.4861
17 Feb 2017NTLite v1.2.0.4830
27 Jan 2017NTLite v1.2.0.4755
08 Jan 2017NTLite v1.2.0.4680
27 Nov 2016NTLite v1.2.0.4550
05 Nov 2016NTLite v1.2.0.4500
26 Oct 2016NTLite v1.2.0.4453
16 Oct 2016NTLite v1.2.0.4433
05 Oct 2016NTLite v1.2.0.4400
29 Aug 2016NTLite v1.1.0.4210
10 Aug 2016NTLite v1.1.0.4135
06 Aug 2016NTLite v1.1.0.4115
04 Aug 2016NTLite v1.1.0.4105
29 Jul 2016NTLite v1.1.0.4100
24 Jun 2016NTLite v1.1.0.3990
19 Jun 2016NTLite v1.1.0.3985
05 Jun 2016NTLite v1.1.0.3960
04 Jun 2016NTLite v1.1.0.3933
11 May 2016NTLite v1.1.0.3910
11 May 2016NTLite v1.1.0.3860
05 May 2016NTLite v1.1.0.3850
25 Mar 2016NTLite v1.0.0.3690
18 Feb 2016NTLite v1.0.0.3600
26 Dec 2015NTLite v1.0.0.3477
11 Dec 2015NTLite v1.0.0.3464
03 Dec 2015NTLite v1.0.0.3442
10 Nov 2015NTLite v1.0.0.3400
17 Oct 2015NTLite v1.0.0.3363 beta
20 Sep 2015NTLite v1.0.0.3339 beta
12 Sep 2015NTLite v1.0.0.3333
08 Aug 2015NTLite v1.0.0.3250
14 Jun 2015NTLite v1.0 build 2986
16 Apr 2015NTLite v1.0 build 2753
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