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Last week's most popular downloads

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 20 Feb 2001 2:08

Ok, time to do this again. This time last week's software chart has some new entries, which is very good (I get really easily bored) -- WinAMP 3 and EasyDivX continue in the top, but on 10th spot we see eDonkey2000, a great file sharing app. And the new VCD rip-pack is also on the charts, giving me some belief to rippers (I still don't understand why to rip into DivX instead of VCD even that DivX has better picture-quality -- I can't use my DVD player with DivX movies).
On MP3 charts, VXpanded made it to the spot no. 1. Nice.

Anyway, leech as usual, here's the list:

Hot programs

1. Easydivx v0.32
2. WinAMP3 alpha 4 n1c8
3. DVD2MPG Squeezer v1.16
4. VCD Galaxy DVDRip ComboPack v2.5
5. WinDVD 2000 v2.3 Trial Version (English)
6. DVD Decrypter v1.7
7. AC3Dec v0.8.19
8. PowerDVD v3.0 trial
9. aMPEG2Avi GUI v1.55
10. eDonkey2000 Windows GUI Client v23.14.44

Hot MP3s

1. VXpanded : "VGirls"
2. Combo de l`amour : "Draken"
3. VXpanded : "Anticipation"
4. HOLOCHAUST : "My Lovely Babe"
5. Dj Rocco : "Mag's Fashion"
6. Hugo Flores : "Hello tomorrow"
7. VXpanded : "Dungeons"
8. VXpanded : "DIGITOSIS"
9. HOLOCHAUST : "Holocaust"
10. Combo de l`amour : "P flykt"

Hot skins

1. Pimpin beta 2.00ZXR
2. Black Dawn v1.0
3. 062-AZD v1.0
4. Red Dawn v1.0
5. Modern
6. 1960 v1.0
7. kenwood rack
8. X-Perienze
9. a309 v1.10
10. tk.wa3.pre good

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