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Last week's most popular downloads

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 22 Apr 2001 1:34

Let's take a look at last week's download charts. WinAMP 3 was way out of top 10 before Nullsoft released their latest alpha -- and it went straight to number 2 spot and it seems like it will rule the charts in this week as well. Rest of the top 10 is pretty much the same as it was in last week -- DVD rippers, players and video tools.
MP3 charts -- heck, we really have to change our "artist of the month" more often; Mukelo has been there for 6 weeks now as an "artist of the month" :-)

In skin charts there are few new entries, mostly those that were added to our lists in this week. Rest of the chart tends to stay the same --'s official skins, WA3 skins and some old-time-favourites.

But here they are:

Hot programs

1. VCD Galaxy DVDRip ComboPack v2.5
2. WinAMP3 alpha 6 E
3. Easydivx v0.41
4. DVD Decrypter v1.7
5. AC3Dec v0.8.19
6. cladDVD v1.99 Pre-release 3
7. PowerDVD v3.0 trial
8. aMPEG2Avi GUI v1.55
9. WinDVD 2000 v2.3 Trial Version (English)
10. 3ivX Delta Decoder v1.0d3 (Windows)

Hot MP3s

1. Mukelo : "The Owl Mechanoids"
2. Mukelo : "Genesis"
3. Mukelo : "Beelop to the Maxx! "
4. half-CAB : "untitled"
5. half-CAB : "(can't help) falling in love(cover song)"
6. Mukelo : "The Links of Zelda"
7. drum 'n' bass freaks : "Drum 'n' HC"
8. Ektinen : "Ei mikään feikki MC:sii"
9. Mukelo : "The Links of Zelda (Jibril Remix)"
10. Mukelo : "Valentine"

Hot skins

1. Pimpin beta 2.00ZXR
2. Suture
3. Blue Sound
4. kenwood rack
5. The Silence
6. 1960 v1.0
7. Red Dawn v1.0
8. 062-AZD v1.0
9. TopazAmp
10. Unison v.2.0

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