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Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 02 Sep 2001 2:20

Some interesting changes in all of our charts. In software charts, MusicCity Morpheus made it to the number 3 position, beating bunch of DVD ripping tools on its way -- yet another proof that this FastTrack -based P2P tool is becoming "the next Napster".
In MP3 charts, Orgasmatron had to give way to Holochaust for the number 1 spot. Also, number 3 is a new-comer in our charts, B'Karas. Bunch of other new entries in the MP3 charts as well, check them out, maybe you'll find your next favourite indie band from this list.

In skin charts, Alley skin finally dropped from top 3, giving way to some new skins like Static-X.

Well, go on, download...

Hot programs

1. DivX ;-) Codec v4.01
2. DVD2SVCD v1.0.2 build 10
3. MusicCity Morpheus v1.3.1
4. DecodeVOB v1.0
5. SmartRipper v2.34
6. Blaze Media Pro 2002a
7. DVD Decrypter v2.4
8. FlasK MPEG v0.594
9. aMPEG2Avi GUI v2.50 beta 1
10. Micro DVD Player v1.2

Hot MP3s

1. HOLOCHAUST : "Runaway Train"
2. Orgasmatron : "5 minutes"
3. B'karas : "Pieni sydän"
4. - T o m a z o o - : "A dream 2 U"
5. HOLOCHAUST : "Losing My Religion (new REM cover!!)"
6. Jetlag : "Nighlyzed voices"
7. Orgasmatron : "Sexexec"
8. pista production : "heart-beat-track-14"
9. littlekary : "Purpose Mistake"

Hot skins

1. - Salma by Sliver -
2. StereoAMP v1a
3. Industrial Zone
4. Static - X
5. Alley by Sliver
6. CyberTree
7. [^Century-Amp^]
8. Modern
9. tk.wa3.pre good
10. Frisbee

P.S. Thank you our users, in August we finally broke all our download records -- you downloaded totally almost 150,000 software items in August..

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