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Last week's most popular downloads

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 30 Oct 2001 10:06

Changes in our download charts from previous week are very minimal, but time to check the charts anyway. DivX Codec 4.01 is not included in the top 10 software chart anymore (as it has always been, our charts don't include all-time favourites, but the runner-ups instead, just to keep the list changing :-) and VirtualDub has climbed to the charts instead. In skin charts, 9 out of 10 list entries are the same as in previous week, only new skin in the charts is the Silver Spectrum skin at #10.
In MP3 charts, all the same bands continue their chart domination -- only major difference is that now Disharmonic Vision has four entries in top 10.

Anyway, let's cut the crap, here are the charts:

Hot programs

1. DVD2SVCD v1.0.3 build 5
2. MusicCity Morpheus v1.3.3
3. cladMdec v1.1
4. TMPGEnc v0.11.20.98 (12a)
5. DVD2AVI v1.82
6. DVD Decoder v0.3
7. VirtualDub v1.4.7
8. DecodeVOB v1.4
9. FlasK MPEG v0.594
10. Micro DVD Player v1.2

Hot MP3s

1. HOLOCHAUST : "Losing My Religion (new REM cover!!)"
2. Orgasmatron : "5 minutes"
3. Disharmonic Vision : "Dance music"
4. Evermore : "Frau eva"
5. Disharmonic Vision : "Who killed Kenny (toilet-mix)"
6. Jetlag : "Lets adore 2 gether[demo]"
7. HOLOCHAUST : "Sin Worth to Die"
8. Orgasmatron : "Sexexec"
9. Disharmonic Vision : "Techno rock (bad-mix)"
10. Disharmonic Vision : "Fly away (Hard-remix)"

Hot skins

1. Angela_01
2. StereoAMP v1a
3. - Salma by Sliver -
4. Modern
5. Static - X
6. CyberTree
7. Alley by Sliver
8. Industrial Zone
9. Alien Sex Fiend Alien Love Version
10. Silver Spectrum

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