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Last week's most popular downloads

Written by Jari Ketola @ 30 Jan 2002 15:06

Here's a look at last week's most popular software, MP3, and skin downloads.
There's really not much to say.. Changes from last week on all the charts are minimal. The top six on the software chart is identical to last week with VirtualDub and TMPGEnc patch swapping places at seventh and eight. The only new entry on the chart is Micro DVD Player which pushed the TMPGEnc v2.50 out of the charts.

The MP3 charts are also pretty much the same with only a couple of changes in the top positions. ST3, Blind Lesbians of Uganda, and Loud Sound Disorder make it to the top 10 as new entries.

The only new entry in the skin charts is tk.wa3.pre good. The top... you probably know it by now: Salma and Alley.

Hot programs

1. VFAPI Reader Codec v1.04b
2. TMPGEnc v0.11.20.98 (12a)
3. MusicCity Morpheus v1.3.3
4. cladMdec v1.6
5. Fhg Radium MP3 codec v1.263
6. SpruceUp v1.1 build 1106
7. VirtualDub v1.4.8
8. TMPGEnc v0.11.20.98 English patch
9. Micro DVD Player v1.2
10. DVD Decoder v0.3

Hot MP3s

1. Mohi : "Dance In A Trance With Me Tonight"
2. #1 - Torch Da Juggernaut : "1 - Fuck The World"
3. ATOPICA : "Destiny's Child"
4. Evermore : "Frau eva"
5. ST3 : "(WHen Im BIG) Go Play Wit Some Legos"
6. Blind Lesbians of Uganda : "Chernobyl Groove"
7. Loud Sound Disorder : "Eminem Diss"
8. - T o m a z o o - : "A dream 2 U"
9. Bryan Edman : "Always On My Mind"
10. DJ Gautam : "Sexy Trance Babe!!!"

Hot skins

1. - Salma by Sliver -
2. Alley by Sliver
3. Static - X
4. CyberTree
5. Nucleo_NLog_v102
6. Industrial Zone
7. StereoAMP v1a
8. Modern
9. [^Century-Amp^]
10. tk.wa3.pre good

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