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Last week's most popular downloads

Written by Jari Ketola @ 08 Jun 2002 14:57

Here's a look at last week's charts. The most surprising move came from ReMPEG2 which entered the software charts at number four. Apart from that the software chart is pretty much the same as last week.
Blind Lesbians continue to dominate the MP3 charts. Besides that.. pretty much the same as last week. Summer time, and people taking it easy?

Hot programs

1. SmartRipper v2.41
2. Streambox VCR v1.0 beta 3.1
3. DVD Decrypter v3.1.0.0
4. ReMPEG2 v1.52
5. cladDVD v2.0
6. VirtualDub v1.4.10
7. DVD Decoder v0.3
8. CDEx v1.50 beta 4
9. DV-Tool v0.31
10. PowerDVD XP v4.0 build 1329d

Hot MP3s

1. Blind Lesbians of Uganda : "Masturbating Is A Crime (Wankers Will Be Punished)"
2. Loud Sound Disorder : "Eminem Diss"
3. Dj Quesito/Gettopoet : "BIN LADEN vs BUSH CLUB EDIT"
4. Bryan Edman : "Always On My Mind"
5. HOLOCHAUST : "Losing My Religion (new REM cover!!)"
6. 2CoXX : "Fantasy damage"
7. Dj T.J : "DJ JUILA - Bass the beat!!"
8. ATOPICA : "Destiny's Child"
9. Adante : "Sky World (Original Mix)"
10. HOLOCHAUST : "Runaway Train"

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