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Last week's charts

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 30 Sep 2002 13:34 User comments (3)

Last week's charts Time to go through this stuff again. Software charts remained pretty much the same, as usual despite the big revamp we did on software section in last week. Only biggest new entry, or actually a re-entry, was EasyDivX, which made it to the seventh place on charts.
In MP3 charts, DJ Quesito/Gettopoet took the top spot once again, leaving last week's Nameless from Aethyr on fourth place. Only real new entry on the charts was by Kone ja Ruuvi who made it to the 9th place.

In our forum charts, Dela continued to dominate the charts and held his #1 spot from previous week's charts. Now the charts seem to have balanced a little bit and our Big Time Forum Guys are hanging in the top 10 pretty constantly -- guys who we've seen in the charts before and are in the charts again include loaded who got back from his holiday and made it to the #2, VCDJunkie who slipped from previous week's #2 spot to #3 this time and our seriously senior, ultra-active A_Klingon, who stayed at 4th place and has been on every single chart since we launched this tradition :-) Other dudes/dudettes who were in previous week's charts as well include our brand-new moderators, jnihil and HomerJ who hopefully get the pressure on DVD-R area down a little bit once they get used to their new responsibilities and Insite. Thanks for everybody who visited and posted to our forums! Here are the charts...

Hot programs

1. SmartRipper v2.41
2. Streambox VCR v1.0 beta 3.1
3. TMPGEnc v2.58.44.152
4. DVD2AVI v1.77.3
5. DVD Decrypter v3.1.3.0
6. ForceASPI 1.7
7. Easydivx v0.82
8. cladDVD XP v1.3 updated
9. VirtualDub v1.4.10
10. Nero burning ROM v5.5.9.9

Hot MP3s

1. Dj Quesito/Gettopoet : "BIN LADEN vs BUSH CLUB EDIT"
2. Loud Sound Disorder : "Eminem Diss"
3. Aethyr : "Amps Of Wrath"
4. Aethyr : "Nameless"
5. ADreNaLiNe-DJ : "You are a God Creation"
6. Bryan Edman : "Always On My Mind"
7. 17 Backwards : "She Fucked A High School Boy"
8. Blind Lesbians of Uganda : "Masturbating Is A Crime (Wankers Will Be Punished)"
9. Kone ja Ruuvi : "Never Know"
10. 17 Backwards : "Christians Are Sheep"

Top forum users

1. Dela
2. loaded
3. VCDjunkie
4. A_Klingon
5. menmaddi
6. jc3
7. jnihil
8. Deznaj
9. Insite
10. HomerJ

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3 user comments

130.9.2002 21:23

WoW! You'd make a *terrific* ad writer Petteri!!! (You forgot to mention that I was seriously handsome, but I'm not complaining) :-) And what a *great* place to 'bitch' this is! (bitch, bitch, gripe, murmer, grumble, bitch_bitch_bitch......). (Well, *someone's* gotta do it, right?) We simply *have* to stick up for each other! (We are all that we have - each other), and we have to keep a lookout for each other's interests. Your news-articles are top-drawer, and no, this is not a kiss-up post. Spyware, stealware, RIAA, MPAA, It's a scary net out there...... [oouuuuuu] -- kLinGy --

22.10.2002 15:15

Very very strange........

33.10.2002 1:10

With a little bit of dedicated practice, Paul, you *too* can be as strange as me! (It's an acquired art). -- Mike --

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