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Written by Jari Ketola @ 22 Aug 2003 8:12 User comments (4) weekly charts Here are last week's top software, mp3 and forum poster -charts again.
Nero Burning ROM 6 slipped down to third, but besides that the charts were pretty much the same from last week.

Jon & Al grabbed the #1 spot on the MP3 chart last week -- maybe the name of the song has something to do about it as well. All in all they managed to vacate six out of ten positions on the top 10 chart. Probably the most dominant performance ever!

The busiest poster at our discussion forums was Oriphus.

Here are the charts in full:

Hot programs

1. SmartRipper v2.41
2. XviD Codec (Koepi's 04102002 bin)
3. Nero burning ROM v6.0.0.11
4. Daemon Tools v3.33
5. DVD Decrypter v3.1.6.0
6. Streambox VCR v1.0 beta 3.1
7. InCD v4.0.1.7
8. DVD Shrink v3.0 beta 5
9. cladDVD XP v1.32
10. FFDSHOW 2003-05-23 alpha

Hot MP3s

1. Jon & Al : "1. Silence of the Lambs - The Lambs"
2. Gettopoet : "SADDAM VS BUSH DANCE 2003"
3. Jon & Al : "2. If I Could Smell Her Cunt"
4. Jon & Al : "6. Put the Fucking Lotion in the Basket"
5. Jon & Al : "3. Are You About a Size 14?"
6. 3hrs Late : "Fucking Great"
7. Riku Avanto ja Spermaiset Nakit : "Äkkiä viinaa"
8. Jon & Al : "8. In the Dark with a Maniac"
9. Jon & Al : "4. Quid Pro Quo"
10. Tag101 : "Tag Help the poor"

Top forum users

1. Oriphus
2. Dela
3. powerdup
4. darthnip
5. ken0042
6. Prisoner
7. herbsman
8. Praetor
9. Shoey
10. psx245

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4 user comments

123.8.2003 11:25

whats the best dvd copying software to use i am using nero but when i want to copy an already copied dvd it says i dont have enough room on the blank dvd the is 4,490 and the blank dvd is 4,489 what a difference that .1 makes i cant copy any of my copied dvd,s any help would be really helpfull as i am at an end Alex.

226.8.2003 14:00

I made number six, oh how fitting. But I think I was put there, I hope and don't think I post that much. Well come to think about it, my girlfriend did say she missed me and did a search for me on google and afterdawn was the first hit. Maybe I have been posting a lot.

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I am not a number
I am a Free Man

329.8.2003 13:21

Prisoner: But isn't it nice for your girlfriend to know that whenevr she wants to talk with you, she can always send you a private message on AfterDawn's forums?-)

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

42.9.2003 10:06

Ya if I want Mods and admins to know my love life. I am far too paranoid about those things, I rarely talk to her seriously on the phone. Very much an in person guy. After spending Aug 22 weekend at an Anime Convention and last week at SciFi convention, I am amazed I made 7 on the new list. Everone really must be on holidays.

I am not a number
I am a Free Man

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