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New version of FFDSHOW released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 01 Jul 2004 6:11

There's a new version out for probably one of the most popular video decoder, a DirectShow filter FFDSHOW. For those of you who don't know what FFDSHOW is, it is a light-weight, open source video decoder that makes virtually all of your most common video codecs obsolete (in case you only watch movies) as it supports decoding of DivX, XviD, virtually all MPEG-4 variations, MJPEG variations, etc. The latest version, FFDSHOW 2004-06-29 has a huge changelog, as always:
  • order of deinterlace and crop can be changed
  • spin controls for logoaway position and size
  • deglobalized nic's postprocessing arguments
  • updated project
  • working on logoaway filter integration: currently luma only, unfinished conf. page
  • fixed frame copying in TimgFilter::getCurNext
  • more backward compatibile IDCT selection
  • updated libmplayer version
  • removed mplayer's liba52 library
  • changed IDCT selection, libmpeg2 IDCT is default for XviD
  • replaced my 3x3 blur with swscaler, made libavcodec error resilience and error concealment options configurable
  • default quicktime palette
  • removed unnecessary include
  • wasn't uninstalled (patch by Stephen Walker)
  • option to write progress info for command line makeAVIS
  • don't print QPEL for unknown frame type
  • updated libavcodec
  • fixed passing of resize parameters
  • much shorter compile time when build by gcc
  • updated makeAVIS VS.NET project
  • DAVC (mpegable AVC) FOURCC support
  • makeAVIS stdout output by Kurosu
  • using help from Wiki
  • updated x264, AR cleanup
  • option to resize image by multiplier
  • cosmetic changes in keys and presets pages
  • allow to specify subtitles speed denominator
  • allow to resize video to max 16384x16384 (don't report Windows crashes :) )
  • align internal HQ 3d denoise buffters
  • enhanced remote control API: message number can be specified keyboard messages can be processed (useful for Girder) fixed short OSD messages, keyboard commands for changing subtitles positions and font size
  • fixed WinDVD 6 crash, updated libavcodec: QTRLE support (incomplete), better ICM support (copied from XviD) disabled ac3 decoding by default (it's broken)
  • mplayer's accurate deblocking
  • show correct tray icon for encoder
  • DwString memory leak fix by Andrew Ivanov
  • libavcodec memory leak fix by Andrew Ivanov
  • explicitly register ffdshow for raw video types for easier enumeration
Download the latest version from here:

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