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Facebook: Send us all your nudes, so we can block their distribution

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 09 Nov 2017 2:42

Facebook: Send us all your nudes, so we can block their distribution Facebook has released a feature in Australia that sounds more like a teenage boys' prank than a real feature. Company asks people who are worried that their intimate pictures and videos might get to wrong hands to send them all to Facebook.

The logic behind this bit unorthodox request is that Facebook would then scan all the photos, create digital fingerprints out of them and when somebody is distributing pictures with same digital fingerprint, Facebook would prevent them doing so. This could apply to all Facebook-owned properties, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook and Instagram.

Company has seemingly good intentions: so-called revenge porn has become a major problem in online world. A situation where after an ugly breakup, the other half of the disbanded relationship distributes the couple's intimate videos and pictures is all too common nowadays. Facebook has taken steps to prevent this in the past, too: company has used facial recognition to block such behaviour and has also shut down accounts found guilty of distributing unauthorized pictures.

But to send all the intimate photos and videos to Facebook? Company claims that they'll delete the material after digital fingerprint has been created. But we only have Facebook's word for it. And obviously, if there are copies left somewhere in their servers, it opens up endless possibilities for hackers to get their hands to material that can be used for extortion.


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It happens: Niantic to release Pokemon Go-like Harry Potter game

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 08 Nov 2017 17:59

It happens: Niantic to release Pokemon Go-like Harry Potter game Niantic, company behind the mega-successful Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile game, just announced that they will release a Harry Potter mobile game.

The game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be an augmented reality mobile game, just like Pokemon Go and Niantic's previous game, Ingress, are. Basically thus means that the game will be set in real world and players must walk around the cities and towns to play the game.

Player will be one of the wizards, fighting the beats all over the world - and just like in Pokemon Go, players must join their forces in order to defeat the toughest enemies.

Expect to see lots and lots of people walking around the neighbourhood with a battery pack hooked to their phones, throwing spells at virtual beasts. Wihtout hesitation, the game has pretty good chance to be The Most Popular Game of 2018.

Niantic hasn't told yet when the release date will be, but stated tat they'll keep everyone informed.

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Every WiFi network in the World is now non-secure - WPA2 encryption broken

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 17 Oct 2017 3:58

Every WiFi network in the World is now non-secure - WPA2 encryption broken Researchers from Belgian university KU Leuven have managed to find a way to break WPA2 encryption used as the "strongest" encryption available in WiFi networks. They published their findings yesterday and now the security organizations across the globe are trying to find ways to curb the problem.

Researchers managed to break the WPA2 encryption by using so-called KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack) attack against the encrypted network. Breaking the network encryptyin isn't exactly a trivial one, as it requires installing a WiFi router with fake MAC address and to place that router within the WLAN network's reach.

Those most in danger now are the corporations that handle sensitive data within their networks and transfer messages within their own WiFi network without further encryption, relying on WPA2-encrypted network.

Thus, security organizations now recommend that eveyrbody who handles sensitive data and transmits that within a WiFi network should start using SSL/TLS (basically, all web connections that are used for, say, intranet, should use https), SSH and VPN connections.

Basically all WiFi networks should now be treated as non-secure and shouldn't be used to transmit sensitive data within or from them without further encryption.


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AfterDawn's own news aggregator app, HIGH.FI for Android, updated to new version

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 17 Oct 2017 3:05

AfterDawn's own news aggregator app, HIGH.FI for Android, updated to new version Ever wanted to see all the tech news in one widget? Wanted to follow not tens, but thousands of news sites with one app? Our own app, HIGH.FI News reader for Android does exactly that. It follows thousands of news sites across the globe, categorizes the headlines to seven different languages and hundreds of categories - and you can simply get a full view of what is happening in the world, right now.

Now, we've just updated the app to a new version. v1.136 finally brings source filtering to homescreen widget, too. So, if you hate a specific news site and never want to see that site's headlines in your feed again, you can do exactly that by adjusting the settings - and now those settings take effect on our flexible homescreen widget, too.

We follow pretty much all the tech sites in U.S., UK, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, etc and show you the headlines in correct categories. Headlines are updated constantly and we tens of thousands of headlines each and every day´.

Download HIGH.FI News Reader for Android

P.S. All the headlines can be viewed through HIGH.FI website, too.

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Top countries in the world by mobile data usage per month

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 15 Oct 2017 13:27

Top countries in the world by mobile data usage per month OECD released a report recently that lists various digital trends across the globe. One of the interesting points was the usage of mobile data and number in various countries.

While some Asian countries have high profile in terms of their mobile internet usage, one Western country tops them all - by wide margin: Finland.

In Finland, average mobile data consumption is a whopping 11 gigabytes per month, while the next country in the list, Latvia, uses 9GB per month. For comparison, U.S. users consume 2.7GB data each month and UK users only 1.8GB.

The massive data consumption in Nordic country is simply due the country's extremely cheap and literally uncapped mobile data plans - an uncapped, unmetered 4G package, with no restrictions, costs about 20 euros (appx $24). As the data caps don't apply at all, usage of WiFi is deemed unnecessary by most people and all the Netflix viewing, Facebook browsing and app updating is done via mobile data - even at own home, where most people have fixed-line net connection with WiFi available.

OECD data on mobile data consumption per capita in the world
Mobile data consumption per capita


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Does iPhone get slower over time?

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 10 Oct 2017 7:16

Does iPhone get slower over time? It doesn't require much googling to find all sorts of conspiracy theories about Apple intentionally slowing down previous iPhone models shortly after the company has released new models.

According to Google Trends, the search term "iPhone slow" increases dramatically shortly after each new iPhone model is released.

However, developers of 3DMark testing suite have looked at their database of test results and found out that the conspiracy theories don't have truth behind them.

The "slowing down" effect is mostly psychological - users know that there's a new model available that runs faster, has better cameras, etc so the current phone they're using, suddenly feels like an outdated one. Obviously, each new iOS version also adds new features that are best suited for new models, making the old phones *feel* slow when the users start using the newly introduced features, with old hardware.

But Futuremark's findings are clear: neither CPU nor GPU processing power hasn't decreased from iOS9 to iOS11 on any of the models that support those operating system versions.


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Netflix also raises prices in Europe

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 06 Oct 2017 3:06

Netflix also raises prices in Europe While we reported yesterday that Netflix is raising its prices in United States, the company didn't say anything about prices in Europe.

However, now it seems that prices have been raised in several European markets, too.

Reports from Finland and Ireland show that the pricing has gone up for both Standard and Premium plans.

The cheapest option, Basic plan, remains at €7.99 in both countries, but the Standard plan has increased from €9.99 to €10.99. The Premium plan that allows four streams to be watched simultaneously and supports UltraHD, has increased from €11.99 to €13.99.

Netflix price Europe 2017
Netflix prices in Ireland for new customers - 6th of October, 2017

Netflix hasn't contacted its existing customers yet about the price hike and it is unclear when the prices will change for those customers. Previously Netflix has kept the old prices for existing customers for quite a long time, but yesterday's announcement made no such concessions to the U.S. customers.


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CCleaner disaster: It was a targeted espionage attempt against major tech firms

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 22 Sep 2017 3:15

CCleaner disaster: It was a targeted espionage attempt against major tech firms At the beginning of this week, it was reported that award-winning, hugely popular computer cleaning software CCleaner had been bundled with malware for almost a month with its official installer.

Shortly after, it was revealed that the incident wasn't caused by mismanagement at the Piriform, company behind the software, but a "sophisticated" hack that had managed to gain access to Piriform's development environment.

Now, Wired has more details of the incident. According to Telos, a security company who found the malware originally, the malware didn't care much about Joe Average's computer, but instead, filtered the infected computers and tried to find out whether it had gained access to specific tech firms' networks. Those networks include at least 18 large tech companies, including Intel, Samsung, Microsoft and Cisco (Telos, who found the malware, is a subsidiary of Cisco).


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Piriform: CCleaner malware disaster was caused by a hacker

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 19 Sep 2017 5:22

Piriform: CCleaner malware disaster was caused by a hacker It was revealed recently that super-popular computer cleaning software CCleaner included malware with its official distribution package. Now, the details of this disaster have been unfolded.

In Reuters article the author company behind the CCleaner, British Piriform, tells about the incident. According to them, a hacker had breached their systems sometime back in August and gained access to resources that allowed hacker to inject malicious code to the official distribution package, while still having the official CCleaner security certificate attached to the package.

Malware was distributed with CCleaner version v5.33 that was released in August. According to Piriform, more than 2 million users had downloaded that specific version and were therefor breached.

Malware itself only worked in 32-bit Windows versions and required administrator right in order to run properly. It collected information about the victim's computer, victim's installed software and files. According to Piriform, malware had elements to download more software and install them, but those elements weren't initiated by the malware before its detection.


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Official CCleaner distributed malware with its installer

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 18 Sep 2017 9:29

Official CCleaner distributed malware with its installer Super popular PC cleaning program CCleaner received a serious blow to its reputation as it was found that the software's orfficial installer distributed malware.

The malware-infected CCleaner had a version number v5.33. Luckily though, the malware only affected 32-bit Windows systems and required administrator rights for the user before installing itself to the PC.

CCleaner's author, Piriform, is owned by security company Avast, making the finding even more embarrassing. Piriform now instructs its users to uninstall the software and to download the newer, clean version of the software. Clean versions have version number v5.34 or higher.

Malware was found by Cisco's security company Telos.

You can download the latest v5.34 CCleaner from our servers:

Download CCleaner v5.34

EDIT 19th of Sep, 2017: The malware incident was caused by a hacker

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The Pirate Bay annoys its users - JavaScript takes all the CPU, mines cryptocoins

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 17 Sep 2017 8:27

The Pirate Bay annoys its users - JavaScript takes all the CPU, mines cryptocoins Infamous The Pirate Bay has been struggling with its revenue, as the advertisers and ad networks have largerly disappeared from the site due its gray legal status in most countries. Now, the site has experienced with new kind of revenue stream that has annoyed its users.

TPB began an experiment - that is apparently due to last for 24 hours - whereby the site's source code contains a JavaScript that uses its users' computers to mine cryptocurrency Monero.

The script uses all of the excess CPU power of user's computer, making the use of even the browser a struggle. According to the company behind the script, Coinhive JavaScript Miner, the script shouldn't be initiated without user consent. However, according to Neowin, The Pirate Bay does exactly that.

Best way to avoid the situation is to use other torrent sites or to block the script by using NoScript browser extension.

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Court: Fan-made subtitles are illegal

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 15 Sep 2017 8:14

Court: Fan-made subtitles are illegal In Sweden, a long-running court case against local subtitle download site has finally finished. Court decided that distributing subtitles to movies and TV series, even when the subtitles have been made by fans for free, is in deed, illegal.

Case was brought against back in 2013 when police seized site's servers and case was filed against the site's owner Eugen Archy for breaking the copyright legislation.

Court had to decide on a case where the subtitles the site distributed, weren't actually ripped from the original DVDs, but rather, made by fans of the movie / TV series. Defendant claimed that the artwork called "movie" consisted just the audio and video tracks, but court didn't accept that. Court found that converting the audio track to written form, even when translated, still carried original movie's copyrights. Thus, distributing such material, breached the copyrights of the movie studio.

Archy has to pay 217'000SEK (about $28'000 or €22'800) in damages to the copyright holders.

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How to change Android default keyboard app

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 07 Sep 2017 10:36

How to change Android default keyboard app Very often the new Android phone you purchased ships with a rather bad keyboard app. However, with Android, changing the default keyboard app is quite an easy task.

Here's our guide on how to do that in Android (7.0 and onwards).

Download a new keyboard app for your Android

There are hundreds of free keyboard apps available for Android, so you might want to take a look at our list of best Android keyboard apps before proceeding.

Approve the keyboard app

Now, head to your phone's Settings and find the Languages & input selection. Tap that.

Android settings

Now, in that menu, tap the Virtual keyboard selection.

Android languages and input


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4 Best Android keyboard apps (free ones)

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 07 Sep 2017 10:35

4 Best Android keyboard apps (free ones) Your phone usually ships with some sub-par keyboard app that makes you wonder how such good phone is equipped with such bad keyboard. No worries - there are plenty of free Android keyboard apps to choose from, each with their own unique twists.

Here's out look at four best keyboard apps for Android as of now.

Gboard - Google's own keyboard

Gboard is the official keyboard from Google. As expected, it has everything that a modern keyboard app should have: customizations and predictive text input. And as the Gboard is from Google, it obviously has an integrated Google search in it.

Here's the demonstration video for Gboard:

Download Gboard from Google Play

Kika - Keyboard for those who love their emojis

Kika is aimed for "fun writing", meaning that the app is full of emojis, GIF animations and all kinds of bells and whistles you might expect to see in a keyboard app meant for social media savvy ones. Besides the eye-candy, Kika also has the most common features of modern keyboards: flow-writing, predictive text input and full customization. And yes, it supports tons of languages, too.


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Most popular news in August: Finland's terror attack, why girls fancy girls and more..

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 01 Sep 2017 7:01

Most popular news in August: Finland's terror attack, why girls fancy girls and more.. AfterDawn has operated a news aggregator service called HIGH.FI since 2014. Service has grown steadily, month after month, during these past 3 years and in August than 1.6 million headlines were read through it.

As we gather news from thousands and thousands of news services, the statistics the service generates are sometimes extremely interesting. We thought you might ant to take a look at what people clicked on during August and compiled a top 20 list of headlines.

These headlines get read through our website, our Android news app and our Windows Phone app as well as through several 3rd party projects that use our news aggregator API.

Anyway, here are the charts...

Top 20 news during March, 2017

  1. Is this the reason some women fancy other women? (Mail Online)
  2. Finland stabbings: Two dead and suspect shot in Turku (BBC News)
  3. Vladimir Putin's Bare-Chested Vacation Snap Becomes Summer's Best Meme (Huffington Post)
  4. 16 Homemade Chicken Nuggets That Are Way Better Than Fast Food (POPSUGAR)
  5. Weekly poll results: welcome back, Nokia! (GSMArena)
  6. Someone Flipped Trump's Hair With Kim Jong Un's, And It's Absolutely Unnerving (Huffington Post)
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo hit with five-match suspension for referee push (USA Today)
  8. Barcelona van attacker may still be alive, on the run: police (Reuters)
  9. Oxygen OS 4.1.7 rolling out to the OnePlus 3 and 3T (Android Central)
  10. Bat that looks just like YODA is officially a new species  (Mail Online)
  11. HoloLens founder and Windows Insider chief say smartglasses will replace smartphones (PhoneArena)
  12. Woman finally gets the boob job she wanted (Mail Online)
  13. Android 8.0 Oreo: Is It Really An Incremental Update? Check Out Our Features Overview (WCCFtech)
  14. The OnePlus 5's new 4K EIS is incredible (Android Police)
  15. Apple's first AI research paper wins prestigious machine learning award (Apple Insider)
  16. Nokia 8 price in Europe is lower than it was previously announced (PhoneArena)
  17. The world's 'most friendless people' are under assault yet again (The Washington Post)
  18. Martavis Bryant Says Matthias Farley Intentionally Tried to Injure Him (Bleacher Report)
  19. Trump mixes up two blond reporters during press conference (NY Daily News)
  20. New form of gravitational wave may have been found (Mail Online)

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Other countries

HIGH.FI also supports several other languages and has big following in several countries. Here are the charts for March in some of ur other countries:

Top 5 news in Sweden in March, 2017

  1. Förlängd åtalstid i utredningen om dådet på Drottninggatan (
  2. Transportstyrelsen vill dra in äldres körkort (SVT)
  3. Drönare stoppade flygtrafiken på Arlanda (
  4. Hemligheten som de vägrar avslöja (Expressen)
  5. Johaug: "Upprörd - förstår inte det" (Expressen)

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Top 5 news in Italy in March, 2017

  1. FlixBus, la low cost del trasporto extraurbano è salva (Tom's Hardware)
  2. Windows 10 Mobile, ormai è finita: Microsoft punta su Andromeda OS! (Geekissimo)
  3. Amazon rimuove dallo store i device Blu (
  4. L'amore vero in uno scatto: 3 km al sole per la moglie disabile (Yahoo Notizie)
  5. Stefano Bettarini e la nuova fidanzata Nicoletta Larini: "Voglio un figlio da lei..." (

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Top 5 news in Netherlands in March, 2017

  1. Ajax keihard uitgelachen na definitief transfernieuws (
  2. Ajax moet vrezen: 'Ik hoorde al verhalen over het Leicester van Nederland' (Voetbalzone)
  3. GP België: Red Bull betrapt op 'sandbaggen'? (
  4. In de wandelgangen: Ajax ontvangt eerste bod van minstens 28 miljoen (Voetbalzone)
  5. In de wandelgangen: Hakim Ziyech verlaat Ajax mogelijk in extremis (Voetbalzone)

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Top 5 news in Denmark in March, 2017

  1. Barnebruden lader brystvorten titte frem (Ekstra Bladet)
  2. Hun forsvarer Raket-Madsen: Jeg blev overrumplet (
  3. "Raket-Madsen": Jeg har begravet hende til søs (
  4. Prins Henrik efter massiv kritik: 'Hvis der er én, som har svigtet mig...' (BT)
  5. Peter Madsens bror: »Jeg kommer ikke til at tilgive ham - sådan har jeg det lige nu« (Jyllands-Posten)

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Top 5 news in Finland in March, 2017

  1. Suomalaisnainen otti pepustaan kuvan -- ei huomannut paljastavansa samalla jotain muuta (
  2. Täydelliset tissit ja perskannikat – juuri nyt tämän pornotähden kanssa pääsee juttelemaan kahden kesken! Ehdoton K18! (Como)
  3. Pahempaa kuin ydinsota? Pohjois-Korea saattaa suunnitella maailman tuhoisinta iskua (Tivi)
  4. Kuva: Tässä viedään Turun epäiltyä puukottajaa – tämä kaikki tapahtumista tiedetään nyt (Ilta-Sanomat)
  5. Abiristeilyä varten tehty salainen "panosopimus" riemastuttaa netissä! (Como)

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Top 5 news in Estonia in March, 2017

  1. OTSE | Saksamaa ralli: kaks kiiruskatset järjest võitnud Tänak tõusis liidriks (Õhtuleht)
  2. Soomes määriti Eesti numbritega autod kokku väljaheitega, lõhuti aknad ja kriimustati (Delfi)
  3. Eesti ühe säravama noore pianisti elutee katkes Külitse järves (Postimees)
  4. Umbkeelne Maxima kassiir solvas klienti ja teatas: „Mina räägin sinuga ainult Euroopa Liidu ehk vene keeles!" (Õhtuleht)
  5. OTSEBLOGI ja FOTOD | Järjest kaks kiiruskatset võitnud Tänak tõusis Saksamaa rallil liidriks (Delfi)

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