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Pokémon GO's reign ends as Clash Royale gets an update

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 21 Sep 2016 13:17 User comments (3)

Pokémon GO's reign ends as Clash Royale gets an update After more than two months of sitting on the throne of the top grossing mobile app it has now come time for Pokémon GO to give someone else a try. Niantic's super popular augmented reality game has been losing players, and thanks to a new update, the new king is Clash Royale.
Supercell's newest game Clash Royale took the top spot in the top grossing iPhone apps in the US after this week's patch that brought a slew of new features. Challenges as well as new troops meant that players have been spending money on gems like there's no tomorrow.

Even though the 74 streak Pokémon GO had at the top spot is impressive it is nowhere near what Supercell's mega hit Clash of Clans managed, as SensorTower notes. It does though still hold the number one spot in at least 8 other countries.

Pokémon also still holds the top place in Google Play Store revenue.

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3 user comments

124.9.2016 6:02

doesn't surprise me we at nintendo will punish you if you use a third party site to help you through the game we will then punish you even farther by making the game not function correctly then we want to charge you money will come next followed by the we don't want to play anymore death spiral.

228.9.2016 13:45

THese games are truly for the mindless morons! PERIOD!

Most intelligent peeps I know don't play these. Those that do play hardcore......well.......they're easily judged and I'm doing just that.

But really.......what time wasters!

And I was always of the mindset that GO! would die out in under a year....never figured 2 months though.

328.9.2016 18:25

I never bothered to play either of these games but Go! did seem like a good thing in got kids to walk around instead of sitting around. Anything that does that is at least partially good, and if you are walking that is exercise and that's not a waste of time...or at least it is less of a waste compared to a pseudo-strategy game.

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