Basic DVD Authoring Project Part 2 - Analysis

Now that we have our source files we need to compare them to the DVD-Video standards to find out whether they're ready for authoring. As a general rule, the less processing you have to do on your video the better the resulting DVD will be. Re-encoding, in particular, should be avoided unless you have a good reason.

This is the second guide for the Basic DVD Authoring Project. If you're not familiar with the project you may want to start with the first guide. If you're just trying to learn how to use DGIndex this should be equally useful as a standalone guide.

Required Software

Haali Media Splitter

DVD Authoring Project guides

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Requirements for DVD Compliance
  3. 3. Analysis
  4. 4. Interpreting The Results
Written by: Rich Fiscus