Basic DVD Project Part 6b - Encode Video Assets With CCE Basic

CCE Basic may be the best MPEG-2 encoder available for less than $2,000. Since quality is so subjective, and other encoders like Canopus ProCoder, Hank's Encoder, MainConcept, or TMPGEnc certainly have more user friendly interfaces, accept a larger variety of input video formats, and usually do a better job of audio encoding, CCE's access to MPEG parameters is nearly unmatched, and it's quality at standard bitrates is certainly very high. With a price tag well under $100 it's an obvious choice to use for this project.

This is the sixth guide in the Basic DVD Authoring Project. It's intended to show you how to encode your video to the correct format to be a PAL DVD asset using CCE Basic. It should also serve as a basic primer for encoding MPEG video for DVD using HC. If you're not familiar with the project you may want to start with the previous guides in the series to get up to speed. For more information on CCE you can read our guide Deciphering CCE Basic. If you're new to digital video you may also want to familiarize yourself with our Digital Video Fundamentals guide on MPEG-2 Encoding.

Required Software

TIVTC AviSynth Plugin
ColorMatrix AviSynth Plugin
Haali Media Splitter
CCE Basic

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Written by: Rich Fiscus