Begin Encoding process and finish up


Make sure that if you get an overwrite warning like the one shown in this picture, that you are not after accidentally choosing the same filename as some other video you have in the Output folder, if you do overwrite any files, they are potentially lost forever.

The encoding process

Depending on your quality settings and the amount of passes you choose previously, this might take some time. Encoding is a process that requires a lot of resources, so disabling any screen savers or CPU intensive tasks running would be a great idea.

Remember that the estimated time remaining may not be exactly as it seems. Look below to see which pass of encoding it actually is.


When the process is finished, CloneDVD Mobile will pop up a message alerting you of the success.


Make sure to verify that your files are playable, in sync, and working before you transfer them to your device with whatever sync software the manufacturer provided. If you want to play them in windows, please check the playback articles in our Guide section. Note however that the quality on a computer screen may look awful, while on the small screen of a portable media player, it may look perfect.


Hopefully this article will have provided you with all you need for encoding video from a DVD-Video source to store it on a portable device. If you have any problems or questions, then please visit our Discussion Forums and ask there.

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30th November 2007, Third Version Online (Dela) V3.0 -- Brand new article, new screenshots, new gadgets, all completely new text. Previous guides used Beta version of CloneDVD Mobile and were far too old as of Nov 2007.
Written by: James Delahunty