Convert YouTube, Google Video etc. to DVD

This guide goes through the process of ripping video from sites like YouTube, Google Video and many more (that use Macromedia Flash / FLV video) and converting them into DVD files. It continues to show the process of burning the resulting DVD files. This guide uses commercial (but cheap) software called ConvertXtoDVD from VSO software for the encoding process. If you haven't used it before, you are in for a treat and don't worry, you can get a trial version.

Introduction & Requirements

VSO ConvertXtoDVD - Download and install this software from AfterDawn. As mentioned before, you can buy a license to fully unlock it and use it permanently.

In this guide, we will first use to capture video from YouTube (or any supported site). Several videos is fine too, you can put more than one on a DVD compilation with ConvertXtoDVD and a menu will be created for you to easily navigate. ConvertXtoDVD can also burn the resulting files to DVD for you.

One thing straight...

Internet video like that offered by YouTube, is compressed using Macromedia Flash format. Generally, the videos available are of low quality and low resolution, so much so in fact that we didn't even consider this guide a necessity last year. However, nowadays through content deals, YouTube and similar sites are starting to get "official" content, and you will have noticed it loads much faster and it looks much better than most user-uploaded video.

A good example are the videos available from YouTube's coverage of the 2008 Presidential Election campaign in the United States. Some supporters of a candidate may want to capture entire conferences or interviews the candidates had and put them on DVD for storage.

However, the main point to remember here is that you are not guaranteed high quality. Always remember that with video, crap in == crap out.
Written by: James Delahunty