Digital Video Fundamentals - Resolution and Aspect Ratio

It would be hard to find two more important aspects of digital video than resolution and aspect ratio. They're equally important for dealing with purely digital content and also understanding conversions from analog to digital and back again.

The Digital Video Fundamentals Series is designed to give an overview of various video topics. This installment introduces the concepts of resolution and aspect ratio, including some comparisons between what the terms mean in both the analog and digital domains. Along with the other guides in the series, it should help prepare you to work with the digital video format of your choice. Once you understand the basic concepts involved, you can start making sense of whatever reference sources or guides you find, as well as hopefully learning to sort out the maze of misleading or flat out factually incorrect sources that are especially easy to find on the internet.

Digital Video Fundamentals guides

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Definitions
  3. 3. Resolution of Common Formats
  4. 4. Aspect Ratio
Written by: Rich Fiscus