Ripping songs from Myspace

To get started on the actual recording portion of this guide you will need to navigate to the artist page you want the music from on Myspace. You may want to open a new window in your browser so you can keep this guide and that page open at the same time but the choice is up to you.

For this guide I will be using the Myspace page of The Gyst, a band that has performed at my college for a few years now (I think they are alums). Their page is located here: The Gyst

On the right hand side of the page, you can see the music portion of the site, where you can listen to a couple of their songs. For this guide we will be ripping "Vertigo."

Using Audacity

Open up Audacity and make sure you are on a clean page. If not, go to File and select New. Next, set the volume bar as high as possible as well as the microphone input bar. More importantly, make sure Stereo Mix is selected from the drop down menu. Also, make sure you know where the Record button is (the large red circle in between play and pause).

Now here comes the tricky part. Open up the Myspace page and have Audacity open as well. Hit Play on the Myspace music, and quickly hit Record on Audacity.

While recording, Audacity will look like the screenshot at right. Leave Audacity on top while recording and don't do anything else on your computer. When the song ends, quickly hit Stop in Audacity to finish the recording.

On the next page I will show you how to convert the file to an MP3 that can be played on many programs or media devices such as iPods.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Requirements and Getting Started
  2. 2. Ripping songs from Myspace
  3. 3. Exporting as MP3
Written by: Andre Yoskowitz