How to rip songs from Myspace using Audacity


This quick and simple guide will teach you how to use the excellent freeware program Audacity to rip songs from the artist's pages on Myspace and export them as MP3 files that can be played in all types of applications as well as portable media devices.


Audacity- For this guide you will need the excellent piece of open source software Audacity, which you can find here.

LAME MP3 Encoder - You will need LAME in order to export your file as an MP3, which you will want to do after recording the stream. There is an alternate link for LAME here.

Getting Started

Download and install Audacity if you don't already have it.

Download the LAME pack and extract it using WinRAR. If you don't understand how to use WinRAR, then please read our guide on how to extract using the program. That guide is available here: WinRAR extraction guide

Now that you have extracted the files, please find the Lame_enc.dll file.

You will now want to navigate your way to the C:\WINDOWS\system folder and drag and drop the Lame_enc.dll file in there.

Now that those steps are completed we can finally move onto the recording part of the guide.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Requirements and Getting Started
  2. 2. Ripping songs from Myspace
  3. 3. Exporting as MP3
Written by: Andre Yoskowitz