SpiralFrog: A Free Music Service and the Company Behind It

In September a new online music service called SpiralFrog debuted, offering U.S. and Canadian residents free downloads, paid for by ads viewed when browsing their website and downloading music. The company already offers 1 million songs in their catalog. In addition to songs they have more than 3,500 music videos available for download and streaming - also for free.

After using SpiralFrog quite a bit for a couple of weeks In November I wanted to let Afterdawn's readers know more about the service. When I used their Contact Us form to let the company know I would be doing a review I was pleasantly surprised to receive not an automated reply, but instead an invitation to talk with a company representative. I of course took them up on their offer. My thoughts following that conversation comprise the first part of this review.

In addition I've detailed some of my experiences using the service for more than a month now. To date I've downloaded nearly 700 songs, as well as a handful of videos. On a typical day I listen to anywhere from 5 - 20 songs I've downloaded, including several that have found their way into the playlists I almost always listen to while I'm working. For me the service has served as a replacement for online radio, which doesn't allow me the flexibility to truly program my own music the way SpiralFrog does.

Be Prepared

At the same time it's not a perfect service. The price for free music is a certain amount of time, required to generate ad revenue which pays for the music you're downloading. Hopefully reading this review will help at least a few people decide if it's something worth at least a look.


I've included screenshots taken during my actual use of SpiralFrog to help illustrate how it works. You can click on many of the images to see larger or more complete versions.
Written by: Rich Fiscus