Unofficial manual for Streambox VCR v1.0 beta 3.1

Ever notice that most streaming media content, such as .asx, .asf, .wmf, .rm and .ram files, can be played, but not saved? Would you like to save streaming media to your Hard Disk for future playing? Of course you would!. StreamBox VCR is an easy to use utility which allows one to save streaming media to ones Hard Disk for later playing.

Although using StreamBox VCR is easy, finding it on the Internet for download is not. Moreover, the current version of StreamBox VCR, (1.0 beta 3.1) requires one to register the program, and it "phones home" everytime you queue a file for downloading. To avoid these misforuntunes, one should apply the crack that has been developed. For more on this see the Appendix at the bottom of this post, and the Readme.txt file that comes packaged with the crack.

Setting up Streambox VCR

  1. To download StreamBox VCR and the crack, see the Appendix at the bottom of this post.
  2. After downloading both, always scan the downloads with your favourite antivirus program using updated virus definitions. Most likely the downloads will be compressed (for example, .zip files). So instruct your antivirus program to scan within compressed files. you never know !!!
  3. If indeed compressed, extract the downloads with your favourite archive utility.
  4. StreamBox VCR 1.0 Beta 3.1 consists of two files: vcr.exe, and intercept.exe. If one doesn't already exist, create a folder called StreamBox_VCR and place these two files in the folder. Then place this folder in C:\Program Files.
  5. The crack contains 10 files. Place the crack executable file, fr_svcr1b31smf_crack.exe, in the same folder mentioned above, C:\Program Files\StreamBox_VCR.
  6. Double click the crack executable and click Start. The crack shouldautomatically find the StreamBox VCR executable, vcr.exe, and modify it accordingly. When finished, you will be prompted: vcr.exe - File successfully pattched [808 bytes written].
  7. Click, OK.
  8. To double check that the crack worked, open StreamBox VCR by double clicking its executable, vcr.exe, and then click, Help | About. If the crack functioned properly, the following will appear in the dialogue that opens: StreamBox VCR 1 beta 31 - SMFfix.

Using Streambox VCR

Thus far I have used StreamBox VCR to download, and save to Hard Disk, file URLs indicating files of the following extensions: .asx, asf, .rm and .ram. (Note: URLs indicating an .asx or a .wmf file will be saved as an .asf file.)

Also, thus far I have been able use StreamBox VCR to download, and to save to Hard Disk, files posted with the following URL signatures:

link ]

StreamBox VCR should be able to download, and to save to Hard Disk, file with differet extensions than that mentioned above. I also suspect that StreamBox will be able download, and save to Hard Disk, files posted with URL signatures different than that listed above.

To use StreamBox VCR...

  1. If the URL for a file appears as a hypelink, right click on the hyperlink and select, Copy Shortcut.
  2. If the URL for a file does NOT appear as a hype link, you need to highlight the URL's text so as to copy it as follows:

    1. Place mouse cursor over the very start of the URL's text.
    2. When the cursor turns into an "I" shape, left click mouse and keep the left mouse button depressed.
    3. With the left mouse button still depressed, move the mouse so as to highlight the entire URL text.
    4. When the entire URL text is highlighted, release the left mouse button.
    5. Place the cursor over the highlighted URL text.
    6. Right click mouse and select, Copy.

  3. Open StreamBox VCR by double clicking the file, vcr.exe.
  4. In the StreamBox VCR menu bar click, Edit | Paste Link.
  5. The file's URL is automatically queued for download. If you like, select a different location to download the file to. Also, click any of the Tabs to modify StreamBox VCR's settings and download options. In particular, check out the Time, and Connection Tabs.
  6. Click OK. File download starts automatically.
  7. To check out information concerning the download, click the file's entry as appears in the StreamBox VCR main program interface.
  8. To modify StreamBox VCR's setting and download options on the fly, right click the file's entry in the StreamBox VCR main program interface. Here, if you click Properties, the same dialogue will appear as seen in step c.) above.
  9. When the download is finished a check mark will appear besides the files entry.
  10. StreamBox VCR allows multiple simultaneous downloads, and download stopping/resuming.
  11. If there are multiple file URLs listed on a page that you would like to download, simply highlight all the file URLs as described above (Note: it does not mattter if they are hypelinks or not), open StreamBox VCR, and click, Edit | Paste Link. A separate dialogue will appear for each file queued in this fashion.


To download StreamBox VCR with VCR SMFfix crack click here below...

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Written by: Petteri Pyyny