VideoReDoPlus - Removing Commercials

With the popularity of DVRs and Digital broadcast stream captures, many people have a need for a frame accurate MPEG editor to remove commercials from their captures without losing quality through re-encoding. VideoReDo Plus is one of the most popular solutions for this. Not only is it a frame accurate MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 editor, but it can work with many specialized MPEG formats both as source and output files. It also has tools for fixing corrupt streams, manually and automatically adjusting audio/video sync, identifying many properties of each stream, GOP, and frame, and even finding commercials.

This guide assumes that you've already done some basic configuration and know how to load, repair, and analyze video and audio, so it won't cover those things. More information on configuring VideoReDo Plus, as well as opening, analyzing, and repairing files can be found in the VideoReDo Plus Installation and Configuration and VideoReDo Plus Loading, Analyzing, and Repairing guides. Instead, this guide focuses on using Ad-Detective to help find commercials or scene boundaries, as well as manually removing commercials.

This guide also assumes you have the basic knowledge of your DVR or other MPEG source required to get the files to your hard drive (if they're not created there) and know where your files are when it's time to open them. Although it will sometimes discuss topics that may require a small amount of knowledgeable about video compression and containers, using VideoReDo plus really requires almost none. If you read something that references terms or concepts that you're not familiar with, it's probably something VideoReDo Plus handles automatically and you don't need to worry about it.

Required Software:

VideoReDo Plus

Table of Contents

  1. 1. introduction
  2. 2. Ad Detective
  3. 3. Removing Commercials
  4. 4. Batch Processing
Written by: Rich Fiscus