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DJ2000 MP3 Manager and Player Announced..

Written by Hannu Pekkanen @ 30 Sep 1999 10:00

DJ2000 is one of the newest MP3 software products on the market and has unique features differentiating itself from currently popular players such as Sonique and WinAMP. DJ2000 makes use of a proprietary new technology called Library Processing System (LiPS) allowing users to store their music collections on any media. DJ2000 manages the music collection, prompting the user to insert the CD when needed. The convenience of offline storage is unique to the industry and cannot be found in other MP3 management tools such as RealJukebox or MusicMatch.
Additionally, the Party Mode in DJ2000 allows party guests to search through the music collection and play songs without providing full program access.

DJ2000 supports Creative Labs' NOMAD Portable Player.

A Demo of DJ2000 is available from 215 Technology and on numerous locations around the Internet. The complete version is available directly from 215 Technology for $29.95 and includes a FREE bonus of 4 New MP3 Utilities. The product will soon be available at online stores including

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