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DeCSS causes a huge fuss

Written by Jari Ketola @ 04 Nov 1999 4:02

DeCSS, the tiny bit of software that makes it possible for anyone to copy encrypted DVD-video content, has caused a huge fuss on the Internet. has interviewed various parties regarding the matter, but unfortunately they weren't able to get a comment from the MPAA, whose word has alot of weight in the Hollywoodian motion picture industry.

Xing Technology Corporation, the producer of XingDVD player, has not yet commented on the matter. Xing had not encrypted their DVD decryption key, which enabled the hackers easily reverse engineer 170 new decryption keys. In essence it means that DVD format is now open. DVD-movie producers could of course remove the XingTech -encrypted key from future DVDs, but it wouldn't make any difference, since there would still be 170 more keys to use.

According to CSS license Xing Technology Corporation will be fined $1M for breaking the license terms.

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