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Future of Disney DVDs

Written by Jari Ketola @ 14 Nov 1999 11:36

Disney has finally shed some light about their future plans regarding DVD releases. First of all they're planning on releasing DVDs in the future at the same time with VHS copies. It will be most interesting to see how this affects the VHS sales now that a DVD copy will be made available simultaneously. Also, unlike the current 'Limited Edition' DVDs their plans are to create a permanent DVD library consisting of 26 (animated) titles. The titles are to be realeased during the next two years, and will be available year-round. Finally Disney announced a special 'Disney Platinum Series' limited-time-only line. The Platinum Series consists of ten titles that will be released once a year starting in 2001.
The platinum series has the following titles: Snow White,'' "Beauty and the Beast,'' "Aladdin,'' "The Lion King,'' "Bambi,'' "The Jungle Book,'' "Cinderella,'' "The Little Mermaid,'' "Lady and the Tramp'' and "101 Dalmatians.'' As you can see, some of these titles are already scheluded for this christmas. It is yet unknown if the Platinum Editions are different from the ones out now.
For more information read the full press release!

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