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Lyra Adds Support for MusicMatch

Written by Jari Ketola @ 09 Dec 1999 13:41

Lyra announced that it would be adding support for MusicMatch Jukebox, the popular personal jukebox software running on Windows 9x/NT/2000 enviroments.
"MusicMatch Jukebox brings RCA LYRA customers the richest multimedia music experience with exceptional management of tagged cover art, lyrics, notes, and support for the popular Microsoft Windows Media format. One of the great advantages of the LYRA is that you can upgrade the software at home, so that you're not missing out on the latest advancements," claimed Jeff Scott from Thomson Advanced Audio who also added that; "Thomson is able to offer this flexibility because we're using a Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that makes it easy for the consumer to upgrade the LYRA from home." Users that have already brought a Lyra player will be able to switch over to MusicMatch to manage or organize their collection of digital audio, from their own personal stock.
Only a couple of days earlier MicroSoft announced a deal with Thomson Multimedia in which Thomson agreed to use the Windows Media -format in their audio and video products...

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