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Written by Jari Ketola @ 26 Jan 2000 15:08 User comments (1)

DVD CCA are seeking an emergency ex parte motion to seal Hoy Exhibit B at Santa Clara County Courthouse in San Hose.
Hoy Exhibit B is essentially the DeCSS sourcecode for CSS descrambling from DVD CCA Reply Declaration of John J. Hoy. DVD CCA was looking to get rid of CSS descrambling, and then attached the CSS descrambling sourcecode with a public document. Related links:
Hoy Exhibit B (Caution! It may be illegal for California and New York residents to download the file. Others need not worry. Atleast not for now.)

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1 user comment

12.6.2003 13:37

HA HA You could get the source code from the public records. Most people that ever wanted it already have it anyway. Its illegal to seal public documents you stupid law dorks. Its not right that because you have money power and influence that you can go cry to a judge and have public doc's sealed and claim some loose ass case that they are protected by trade secret laws! Public means public ( open to all ) this country is goin down the crapper if this kind of stuff goes on!

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