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Written by Jari Ketola @ 14 Sep 2000 13:46

Yes indeed. You read it right. One would think that there would be no connection between the anti-DeCSS ruling against and MP3 tracks posted on It seems, however, that in today's insane world everything is possible! has removed a song by Joseph Wecker. In the song Wecker sings a version of the DeCSS code. Apparently has decided to play it safe, and decided to remove the song. In their email letter to Wecker stated that "Your song has either a song title or lyrics that are offensive or otherwise inappropriate."

Wecker himself said he wanted to attract attention to the issue with the song. "It's gone one step too far," Wecker said. "It's illegal to photocopy a copyrighted poem. But now it's like it has become illegal to tell someone how the Xerox works."

Source: Yahoo! Daily News

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