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New bill would legalize

Written by Jari Ketola @ 27 Sep 2000 15:09

U.S. Representative Rick Boucher, a Democrat from Virginia, on Monday introduced in the House of Representatives a bill that would essentially make's -service untouchable. The bill, Music Owners' Listening Right Act (H.R. 5225), would ammend the copyright section of U.S. law so that it would be legal for consumers to store and listen to music tracks over the Internet provided that the user proves he/she legally owns the music in question.
"We believe that the technology which gives rise to this new convenience should be encouraged," Boucher says, "and our legislation will remove legacy copyright restrictions which were written for a different era and that threaten to strangle the technology in its infancy." was a service that allowed consumers to listen to the CDs they had bought without actually uploading it to the service first. The service was sued by major record labels earlier this year.

Although it's unlikely that the digital media & Internet -issues will be resolved anytime soon, it's good to see efforts being made in the right direction. And more importantly the efforts seem to be made in favour of us, the customers, and not the major record labels.


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