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EMusic protects itself against Napster

Written by Jari Ketola @ 21 Nov 2000 2:58

Internet music company EMusic Inc. announced it will be taking into use a newly designed technology designed to make distribution of EMusics intellectual property on the music-sharing service Napster.
EMusic has designed a software that scans and analyzes the digital music files available on the Napster service. If a song downloaded from EMusic is found on Napster, it automatically sends message to Napster administration requesting rapid removal of the songs in question.

Although EMusic has every right to protect their property and artists, it will be interesting to see how Napster will react to this. The software is essentially a robot scanning the Napster servers. Napster's terms of use strictly prohibit use of any kinds of bots on the service. Will Napster ban EMusics robots from the network? That remains to be seen.

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