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A brilliant cheap portable MP3 player!

Written by Jari Ketola @ 15 Dec 2000 14:50

Dimension Music has put up a review of the best portable MP3 CD-player available for less than $100 - Classic's CM 415.
Here's a snippet from the review:
You wont find a better bang for your buck! For only $99, The Classic CM415 sports 105 seconds of and anti-skip protection for mp3-CDs (45 seconds for regular audio CDs), a 2 line LCD with id3 capability, great sound quality (plays 320 kbps despite specs saying 128kbps max.), and great search features all in a well-built package. There were a few little quirks (random skips every once in a while, no hold switch, and a worthless resume feature) but for $99, who cares!?

Read the full review at Dimension Music

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