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MP3s hit the road

Written by Jari Ketola @ 08 Jan 2001 12:56

There are tons of nice portable MP3 players available on the market but none of them are really suitable for enjoying the music in car. Sure you can use a tape adapter, but that's not too convenient - especially if you're driving.
On Thursday, Los Angeles-based PhatNoise announced a deal with Visteon Corp., the second-largest auto parts maker, to license its MP3 jukebox, which will enable drivers to bring music from their PCs to the road. The jukebox is an add-on to car's existing audio system. It uses a small cartridge as it's storage medium on which the user can transfer MP3 files from his or her PC.
Michigan-based Dearborn is also going to release a similar product. The MP3 player will be available late February, and will let users playback MP3s burned on a CD-R.


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