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Verio refuses to remove DeCSS

Written by Jari Ketola @ 25 Jan 2001 13:15

The US ISP Verio has refused to remove a Website hosted on their servers against the Motion Picture Association of America's (MPAA) wishes. MPAA claimed that had posted illegal material, and demanded the content to be removed. The illegal material in this case was the DVD Copy Control Association president John J. Hoy's declaration which includes the DeCSS source-code.
Instead of rushing to remove Verio decided to contact John Young, the administrator of, and asked him to reply to the allegations.

In his reply Young states that the Hoy declaration mentioned above does not contain a "circumvention device as defined by the DMCA [Digital Millennium Copyright Act]". And thus Verio decided they have no reason for removing the site's content.

It remains to be seen if MPAA is satisfied with Young's reply.

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