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Record industry attacks Napster clones

Written by Jari Ketola @ 23 Feb 2001 14:45

Having fought against Napster for quite a while now, the record industry has turned it's focus to the numerous Napster clones that also offer free music - just on a much smaller scale.
Since Monday RIAA has sent about 60 notices to the Internet service providers hosting Open Napster servers. The client software, like the Napigator, which use the Open Napster servers are much more difficult to shut down than the centralized -servers.

Although RIAA might be able to force most of the U.S. Open Napster servers down with little effort, there will most definitely be "renegade" servers running overseas. Even though they will never be as big as Napster, they will probably haunt RIAA and the major record labels for a very long time indeed.

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