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Napster to block copyrighted music files

Written by Jari Ketola @ 02 Mar 2001 14:59

Napster will begin blocking access to more than one million copyrighted songs this weekend. With this action Napster tries to anticipate the new legal injuction coming their way any day now.
Lawyers for the popular online song-swap service made their last-ditch bid for corporate survival in a hearing Friday before U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel, who is drafting the injunction which many fans fear could unplug Napster for good.

``I think Napster will still be the best music service out there, (but) it will not be the same,'' David Boies, lead attorney for the Redwood City, Calif.-based company, said after the hearing.

Desperate users have been flooding the Napster for last minute fills to their music collection. At the very moment there are over ten thousand users on a single Napster server sharing two million songs.

I don't see much future for Napster with such a drastic cut to the amount of selection offered. Time for Gnutella and Aimster to take over.

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