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Independent artists sue

Written by Jari Ketola @ 21 Aug 2001 15:40

It's the same old story re-visited. Fifty-two independent artists represented by have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against As before, the lawsuit accuses of distributing copyrighted music through their service which was shut down ages ago. The lawsuit identifies about 1,000 songs, and the plaintiffs are seeking damages of $25,000 per infringed song.
According to the lawsuit streaming songs from the service were easy to record on hard-disk and then share the songs on P2P services like Napster. But in order to stream the songs from the services the user had to own the actual CD. The last time I checked, it is actually much easier to use a CDDA extractor to convert a CD to MP3 format instead of going through the laborious process of recording "live" streams off the Net.

The motive behind the lawsuit is most likely the fact that having been acquired by Vivendi Universal, is more capable, and perhaps also more likely to pay damages to whoever seeks them.

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