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Philips and BenQ - The Next Generation

Written by Jari Ketola @ 15 Apr 2002 16:19

Philips and BenQ today announced they will be working together on developing next-generation optical storage products. At first the co-operation will focus on DVD+RW technology.
The development process is broke down quite nicely between Philips and BenQ: while Philips focuses on developing new innovations and concepts, BenQ takes existing technologies and makes them better, faster, and cheaper to manufacture. You could say that Philips is the artist in the process, while BenQ is the code-slave doing all the dirty, but vital work.

For us, the consumers, there's much to cheer about in this deal. Who wouldn't mind seeing drives get faster sooner, and the prices dropping? Not me! Great things happen when companies can focus on doing what they are best at.

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