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XBox MOD chip developer to cancel their operations

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 27 Jun 2002 12:40

It looks like that the manufacturers of the latest generation of game consoles are very aggressive towards MOD-chip developers and manufacturers. They are of course protecting the interest of game developers because big game titles are one big factor in console’s success. On the other hand I dare to say that the amazing success story of the original Playstation was very much supported by the fact that MOD-chips and copied games were easily available.
One of the groups working on a mod chip for the Xbox has pulled the plug on its project following legal consultations. The group, Enigmah-X, had hoped to create the second XBox chip to go into circulation, following the release of the first working chip, the Xtender, for the system in May.

However, earlier this week their site was replaced with the following message: "After speaking to lawyers we feel that we must not do this project anymore. There are many other chips and methods for guys to play with anyway so have fun and good luck to everyone out there."

Microsoft is known to have looked into legal methods to shut down mod chip production in the past. However, only Sony has successfully taken on the creators of mod chips in court – the company forced Channel Technologies, the makers of the Messiah PS2 mod chip, to shut down its activities before the chip was commercially released.


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