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Roxio to prevent copying of protected CDs

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 15 Jul 2002 9:22 User comments (2)

According to the source the Roxio Toast software for Apple Machintosh will start blocking protected audio CDs when attempted to copy. I've never liked the company on their products, but this move by Roxio is just unbelievable.
Owners of such Secure Content ("Secure Content Owners") may, from time to time, request Roxio or its suppliers to provide security related updates to the DRM components of the Software ("Security Updates") that may affect your ability to copy, display and/or play Secure Content through the Software or other applications that utilize the Software. You therefore agree that, if you elect to download a license from the Internet which enables your use of Secure Content, Roxio or its suppliers may, in conjunction with such license, also download onto your computer such Security Updates that a Secure Content Owner has requested that Roxio or its suppliers distribute

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2 user comments

115.7.2002 23:45

Sick. Just-plain-sick. Perhaps our very last line of protection is to *insist* that ANY copy-protected music cd be clearly labelled as such. If we can't stop 'em, we can at least sure as hell *avoid* 'em. As far as I can see it, if a copy-protected cd isn't clearly marked, that constitutes consumer fraud. If the legal mumbo-jumbo above is from Roxio, I wouldn't install their software if you PAID me. I'd go back to 8-track cartridges or non-Dolbyized cassettes first. -- Mike --

222.7.2002 7:03

Use Record Max instead. Just as easy.

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