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New MP3 license terms: $0.75 per decoder?

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 27 Aug 2002 14:18 User comments (6)

It seems that Thompson & Fraunhofer IIS-A have changed the MP3 technology licensing fees. They are now charging $0.75 per decoder or $5.00 per codec. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the numerous freeware applications that utilize MP3 technology. There are already rumours that RedHat has removed all MP3 components from their upcoming Linux distro release.
On the other hand, this just might give OGG Vorbis the push it needed?

UPDATE:Quick browsing around the internet revealed that this might not be a real change in MP3 licensing policy. Yes, the website has changed, but there has been no official announcement or press release by Fraunhofer or Thompson. Wait and see.

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6 user comments

128.8.2002 4:22

Is this for real? Does this mean we will be paying for things like Lame?

228.8.2002 4:32

Both Redhat & Mandrake have full OGG Vorbis support. I checked Mandrake 9.0 beta 2 and it's got OGG support in both the console and XMMS. In the console, OGGEnc is the command line encoder (lastest 1.0 release) and OGG123 is the player. Press ALT + CTRL + F1 to access the console and ALT + CTRL + F7 to return to the GUI mode. They still have MP3 playback support in XMMS and MPG123 (console player), but they don't provide an encoder. Finally both OGG vorbis and MP3 seems to sound much better in Mandrake Linux than in Windows, especially with the Sound Blaster Audigy.

328.8.2002 8:25

Even though OGG might provide better quality/size-ratio, you cant just snap your fingers and get all the people using mp3 to switch. This is going to take time. My understanding is that ogg is still without alot of support from end-users.

429.8.2002 17:49

I think the more troubling part would be the $15,000 annual minimum (listed on that page) William

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51.9.2002 1:23

You're right Ghostdog, it's going to take a lot of time methinks; mp3 is just too entrenched into the public's psyche. I'm glad mp3 is still around though, because I find it *so* much nicer to be able to play my downloaded tracks on my Sony dvd player, than sitting at my computer doing something else at the same time. Playing oggs thru Winamp is not always a good idea when you're using your computer to do other cpu-intensive tasks. It's coming though. (Inexpensive ogg hardware support). -- Mike --

61.9.2002 3:30

Ill probably switch to ogg, when the time is right. but Im not willing to jump on a new technology that, what?, 0,6% of the "internet-music" users support.

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