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AudioGalaxy is back - sort of

Written by Jari Ketola @ 05 Sep 2002 15:05 User comments (2)

CD Freaks reports that AudioGalaxy is back with a subscription service. However it's just the name that is back -- the AudiogGlaxy Rhapsody service itself is the same as's Rhapsody. It is a streaming service with no option to save the files on hard disk.
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Our new subscription service gives you unlimited, on-demand access to one of the largest music collections in the world. The service will normally cost $9.95 / month, which pays full royalties to artists, record labels, publishers, and songwriters. But right now you can use Rhapsody for FREE until 9/15/2002. There's no obligation and no credit card required during our free access period. Try it now ...

·Over 17,000 albums by over 7,000 top artists
·No Limits: hear what you want, when you want it
·Musicians and songwriters get paid when you listen
·Listen in CD quality sound instantly - No waiting for downloads
·Play entire albums, create custom playlists
·Professionally programmed radio (with skip!)
·No viruses or adware
·One low monthly price


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2 user comments

15.9.2002 21:49


26.9.2002 9:51

Oh my God, Marge, quick - grab the credit card and LET'S JOIN !!!! It looks like bloatware to me if I read the description page correctly. There are *way* too many built-in "features" that have absolutely nothing to do with streaming music as far as I can see. (collectively, called the 'communication services'). If I want to 'communicate', I'll send an email, join IRC, or use a forum. Whatever happened to the adage, "KISS"? <K>eep <I>t <S>imple <S>tupid. The agreement page alone contains enough legal weasel-speak to make me cringe. Also, I see no mention whatsoever of *who* ANY of the artists in question *are* or what the album titles might be. And I have no intention of downloading the bloatware just to find out. (Has anyone been, ah....."curious" enough to sign up?) If I could somehow tie-in Streambox vcr to this bloatware, I *might* be interested in ...... (Nah!) -- Mike --

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