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Pioneer launches new High-Speed DVD writer, the DVR-A05

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 15 Oct 2002 8:36 User comments (5)

Pioneer is not a player in the CD-R scene, but they are really pioneerin in the rising DVD market. The new A05 may very well be one "killer application" helping the DVD recordable technology break through in the consumer field.
Pioneer, the market leader and chief innovator in the field of DVD technology, today launches its latest and fastest DVD-R/RW writer, the DVR-A05. Benefiting from the enhancements of previous generations, the DVR-A05 takes DVD writing to a new level by burning at twice the speed of the DVR-A04 to meet the new industry media standard² of a 4x write speed to DVD-R and 2x to DVD-RW, ahead of competing brands. The writer is also capable of writing CD-R media with a 16x write speed and CD-RW at 8x, combined with a higher read speed of 32x CD-ROM and 6x DVD-ROM.

"Pioneer is leading the way in the digital convergence between consumer electronics and IT, providing consumers with a fast, easy-to-use writing environment and the tools to conveniently create and store quality-enhanced media," says marketing communications manager, Pioneer Europe NV, Mark Grotefeld.

"The DVR-A05 meets new global standards set in August by the DVD Forum and allows users to maximise the new high-speed, write-once and re-writable media," continues Grotefeld. "It offers the highest write speeds available and the greatest degree of playback flexibility. Video written to DVD-R via the DVR-A05 can be read by almost all available DVD players and DVD-ROM drives."

Faster writing

Writing a full 4.7GB DVD-R disc can now take just 15 minutes instead of what was once an hour-long process³. Combined with the bundled software, the enhanced writing functionality includes:

* Quick Format - DVD-RW discs are ready to use in approximately two minutes, eliminating the need for the user to perform a full format of the media prior to writing
* Drag and Drop - Consumers can start writing data instantly to brand new, unformatted media with "Automatic Quick Formatting"
* Quick Finalising - Consumers are able to finalise their DVD-R/RW disc, containing less than 1GB of data, without the need for any extra lead-out writing
* Quick Grow - DVD-RW discs can now be re-opened once they have been finalised, enabling users to add extra data to utilise the disc's maximum capacity
* Multiborder - DVD-R discs can now have additional data appended once finalised, again enabling users to maximise the disc's capacity

Improved design

The DVR-A05 adopts a range of new technologies to enhance the reliability of writing to DVD:

* Liquid Crystal Tilt Technology - This technology is used in Pioneer's high-end DVD Car Navigation systems and ensures that playback and recording functions are stabilised, by using a liquid crystal tilt mechanism that maintains reliable and accurate writing or reading
* Smart Laser Driver - The advanced laser driver circuitry accurately controls the 'record signal' at increased write speeds and lessens the possibility of signal degradation
* Dynamic Resonance Absorber - This proven Pioneer technology is included within the writer to absorb vibrations caused by imbalanced discs, allowing for stable reading and writing

Bundled software
The software bundled with the DVR-A05 comprises of:

* MyDVD Video Suite 4 (Sonic Solutions) - Versatile video editing and authoring software that includes the new slideshow functionality, enabling the integration of digital photography into an electronic album for playback on any DVD-Video device. Also includes DVD playback software, CinePlayer
* InstantCD/DVD V6.5 (VOB) - Software that enhances data recording, allowing users to format discs in approximately two minutes, and provides "drag and drop" functionality for writing to DVD and CD media. This incorporates DVD playback software, DVDPlayer
* The bundle also features DVD writing media

Internationally recognised Industry Standards

Pioneer is one of 10 founding members of the DVD Forum that promotes acceptance of industry-wide DVD standards across entertainment, consumer electronics and IT markets. With 219 members, the DVD Forum is an influential body that drives the ratification of standards and the protection of consumers' interests through widespread industry support.

The DVR-A05 is available from the beginning of November .

For further information, please contact your local Pioneer distributor:

About Pioneer

Pioneer Corporation is a global leader in electronics and audio/video products for the home, car, commerce and industry, particularly in the two core multimedia technologies - Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) and plasma display panels (PDP). Its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: PIO), Euronext Amsterdam, Tokyo Stock Exchange, and Osaka Securities Exchange.

Pioneer Europe

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5 user comments

115.10.2002 12:12

Kinda leaves one wondering when the 'plus' camp machines and 'minus' camp machines will finally lock horns for a showdown. Seems the A05 is just catching up with the plus camp in such things as quick formatting and drag 'n drop support. What does, "The DVR-A05 meets new global standards set in August by the DVD Forum" mean? Despite the references (in above article) to 'protection of consumers' interests', I can't but help wonder about any built-in consumers' *resrictions* like DRM or copyright inhibitors that would impede consumers in making dvd or music cd backups of discs they already own. And I don't know if there is a relationship between the 'DVD Forum', and the 'DVD Consortium', or even if it matters. Still, interesting....... (blue laser, anyone?) -- A_Cynical_Klingon --

215.10.2002 12:20

Theres an article here which has the same press release but says the pioneer a05 wont be released for a further 6 weeks due to software issues. they also have a manual for the drive in the downloads section.

Does your dvd player play DVD-R check out my guide on

316.10.2002 6:05

Hopefully they have resolved the overheating problems compared with their previous DVD recorder. I'll wait until they become popular first, the DVD+/- standard has been decided and the DVD recorders are affordable before getting one. I remember when my brother bought a 2x2x6 Ricoh CD-RW external about 5 years back for €600! This drive gave plenty of problems and made lots of coasters in its time. Even the CD-Rs back then were the price of today's DVD+/-Rs So just give it a year or two and watch the speeds go up and the prices fall ;-)

417.10.2002 7:10

Why buy a pioneer when you can get a Sony DRU-500a which will burn both + and -r dvd's at the same speed?

517.10.2002 17:03

The A05 is said to hit the Japanese market at 35,000 yen - about USD$280. That's exciting. Also, a unit called DVR-S502 is the the external version of the A05 with firewire interfaces, scheduled to be released in Japan in December. It would be nice to be able to burn DVD-Rs using my laptop!

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