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Pioneer DVR-A05 reviewed at DVDWriters

Written by Jari Ketola @ 21 Oct 2002 13:22 User comments (1)

Pioneer DVR-A05 reviewed at DVDWriters Our friends at have released the world's first review of the upcoming Pioneer DVR-A05 DVD-burner. A05 takes the DVD-R(W) camp to a new level by offering a juicy 4x writing speed, at which you can burn a full 4.7GB DVD-R in 15 minutes. The drive also implements the new DVD forum standards.
"Pioneer has finally delivered on what we and most others wanted most in a DVD writer and that was an increase in DVD recording speeds. There is no disputing that the speed at which new DVD writers record to DVD-Rs at is light years ahead of the 1st generation drives - the A05 only needs 15mins to writes a whole 4.7GB of data.

We were slightly disappointed with the A05's CD writing ability, mainly its CD-R maximum writing speed of 16 X and its relatively slow re-write speed. It's interesting to note that the preliminary product specifications show that Pioneer had faster CD recordable features and higher DVD-ROM read speeds in mind but decided against implementing them.

We were pleased that Pioneer added support for writing in DAO-RAW mode - a useful feature used by Clone-CD for backing up games (in countries that permit it). This addition isn't all that it appears to be as its performance was so bad that it's pretty ineffective - it failed to backup any of our games and took long time to read them!

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121.10.2002 17:43

Kinda takes a strange twist towards the end doesn't it!

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